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What is Supplementation and how does the Aerosphere® Carbon Dioxide Detection System benefit Cannabis Grow Houses?

Cannabis, like other plants, benefits from supplementation, the process of adding CO2 into a grow house or greenhouse. According to experts at Oklahoma State University, "With the development of improved lighting systems, environmental controls, and balanced nutrients, the amount of CO2 is the only limiting factor for maximum growth of plants. Thus, keeping the other growing conditions ideal, supplemental CO2 can provide improved plant growth. This is also called ‘CO2 enrichment’ or ‘CO2 fertilization."1

The answer for the Cannabis Industry and others looking for grow house and greenhouse efficiency is the Aerosphere® Carbon Dioxide Detection System.

Through the precise monitoring of CO2 concentration levels, the installation of CO2 Monitoring’s Aerosphere® Carbon Dioxide Detection Systems enhances the supplementation process for cannabis by indicating irregularities in the flow of CO2 to a room.  Additionally, Aerosphere Monitors are utilized for safety by monitoring for leaks in the extraction area and rooms in proximity to tanks to monitor for leaks.

Advanced features of Aerosphere® Carbon Dioxide Detection Systems:

  • Designed, manufactured, and customer supported in the USA

  • Plug and play technology makes installation simple

  • Precise monitoring of CO2 provides immediate and obvious feedback

  • Easily programmable to collect information on CO2 levels over time

  • Expandable to multiple locations

  • Smart horn strobes for clear warning of unhealthy levels of CO2

  • Self-test features

  • Supply line shut off solenoids

  • Easy connection to the fire panel, ventilation system, & gas shut-off valve

  • Meets or exceeds all national fire codes (2018 IFC/NFPA 55/2016 NBIC/CA Title 24)

  • UL Listed

  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility

  • Complete permitting services available, including plans drafting, submittal, permitting, and installation

1. Source: "Greenhouse Carbon Dioxide Supplementation", Poudel and Dunn