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CO2 Monitor Test Kit

CO2 Monitor Test Kit


Introducing our CO2 test kit, designed for testing CO2 monitoring systems with fire marshals or other Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) officials. This kit includes a CO2 dispenser that allows you to spray a small amount of CO2 into the sensor, triggering the CO2 monitoring system and allowing you to test its functionality.


Our CO2 test kit is an essential tool for fire marshals and AHJ officials who need to verify that CO2 monitoring systems are functioning properly and in compliance with safety regulations. It's also useful for maintenance technicians or staff who need to test the funcianilty of the system periodically.


To use the kit, simply turn the knob on the CO2 dispenser and spray a small amount of CO2 into the air. This will trigger the CO2 monitoring system, allowing you to verify that it is detecting the increase in CO2 levels and triggering an alarm or alert as necessary.


Our CO2 test kit is easy to use, compact, and reliable. It's perfect for use in restaurants, schools, hospitals, offices, and other indoor environments where CO2 monitoring systems are installed.


With our CO2 test kit, you can be confident that your CO2 monitoring system is functioning properly and that you're providing a safe and healthy indoor environment for yourself and others.


*Unit Comes with 1 CO2 Canister

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