Aerosphere® Mini CO2 Monitoring System

Aerosphere® Mini CO2 Monitoring System


With the ongoing reality of COVID in our communities, how do we protect our schools and businesses from a threat we cannot see, hear, smell, touch or taste?  Health and science experts agree that higher levels of carbon dioxide in enclosed spaces is a key indicator of the presence of viruses like COVID-19. To address these concerns, CO2 Monitoring has developed the Aerosphere® Mini Monitoring System.


Developed with unique features like a CO2 high of the day output, weekly threshold report, and a horizontal level bar to compliment numerical readings. The C02 Mini is the main component of the Aerosphere system. Featuring a white-on-black LCD screen located on the front of the unit, the Mini displays the current CO2 concentration, alarm statuses, and automatic scrolling through other key indicators.


The entire system can be plugged into any wall receptacle. Audible and visual alarms are provided for 800-1100 million (ppm). The audible alarms begin at 2500 ppm and readings are accurately measured up to 50,000 ppm.


The Aerosphere Mini CO2 Monitoring System includes a Mini Unit, CO2 Sensor, 6 ft. Sensor Cable, Screws/Cable Clamps/Power Strap, and Installation Manual. The Complete Aerosphere® Mini Monitoring System is fully compliant with California Assembly Bill 841.


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