Product Spotlight
Aerosphere® CO2 Mini AQM


Aerosphere CO2 Mini Monitoring System

Published studies by science and health experts have linked increased levels of CO2 to a higher likelihood of contracting viruses, like COVID-19. Through the precise monitoring of CO2 concentration levels, the installation of CO2 Monitoring’s Aerosphere® Carbon Dioxide Detection Systems enhance safety and peace of mind in enclosed spaces like schools, homes, and businesses. 


Below are the exclusive features of Aerosphere® Carbon Dioxide Detection Systems, the most versatile monitoring systems on the market:

  • Designed, manufactured, and customer supported in the USA

  • Plug and play technology makes installation simple

  • Precise monitoring of CO2 provides immediate and obvious feedback

  • Affordable for classrooms, businesses, and homes

  • Easily programmable to collect information on CO2 levels over time

  • Expandable to multiple locations

  • Smart horn strobes for clear warning of unhealthy levels of CO2

  • Self-test features

  • Supply line shut off solenoids


Other advanced features of Aerosphere® Carbon Dioxide Detection Systems:

  • Easy connection to fire panel, ventilation system, & gas shut-off valve

  • Meets or exceeds all national fire codes (2018 IFC/NFPA 55/2016 NBIC/CA Title 24)

  • UL Listed

  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility

  • Complete permitting services available, including plans drafting, submittal, permitting, and installation