CO2 Monitoring Systems


The Aerosphere® Monitoring System detects and alerts business owners and staff to carbon dioxide leaks. Create a safe and code compliant workplace by monitoring, detecting and stopping CO2 leaks before they become hazardous. Additionally, the CO2 Mini was designed to detect air quality issues in schools, businesses, and homes that lead to viruses like COVID-19. 

Choose between either our professional grade CO2 Monitoring System or fully capable CO2 Mini Monitoring System. For professional consultation and installation, call us at 1-833-SENSOR4 or 1-833-736-7674.


Level Indication Units and Shut-off Solenoids


Add the innovative Aerosphere® Level Indication Unit and Supply Line Shut-off Solenoid for greater efficiency and safety at your CO2 supply. The Level Indication Unit is a patent pending product that CO2 Monitoring has developed to notify you when your CO2 becomes low, so service will not be disrupted. The Supply Line Shut-off Solenoid enhances safety by shutting off the supply line (fail-safe) when CO2 reaches unsafe levels. 

Required Signage

CO2 Monitoring has you covered when it comes to required signage. We carry signage for federal, state and local requirements and jurisdictions. If you do not see a sign available for sale that your jurisdiction requires, please call us at 1-833-SENSOR4 to request specialty signage.