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Complete Aerosphere® CO2 Monitoring System

Complete Aerosphere® CO2 Monitoring System

SKU: Complete system

Looking for the most technologically advanced CO2 Monitor? Introducing the Aerosphere® Monitoring System.  The Aerosphere installs in minutes, is versatile, and can be configured to comply with codes in all jurisdictions.


At the heart of each system is the Primary Unit.  The Primary Unit is the main interface for the Aerosphere carbon dioxide monitoring system. A white-on-black LCD screen located on the front of the unit displays gas detection levels for all sensors, alarm statuses, temperature, and time/date.


The entire system can be plugged into any wall receptacle. Audible and visual alarms are provided for three concentrations of CO2 for the default settings at 5,000, 15,000 and 30,000 parts per million (ppm). All of these set levels are adjustable to meet code.


The Complete System includes one horn strobe for enhanced audible and visual notification.  Additionally, multiple alarm horn strobes may be added to the system to extend coverage.


The Complete Aerosphere® Monitoring System includes a Primary Unit, CO2 Sensor, Horn Strobe, 704 Hazmat Sign, 6 ft. Sensor Cable, 2 ft. Horn Strobe Cable, Screws/Cable Clamps/Power Strap, Evacuation Sign, Alarm Level Sign, Do Not Enter Sign, and Installation Manual. The Complete Aerosphere® Monitoring System meets all the requirements of the NFPA, NBIC and IFC regulations.

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